About Us



Nursing StaffOur nursing staff at Mount Baker Kidney Center is comprised of 16 registered nurses (RNs), six licensed practical nurses and 10 patient care technicians. Our RNs provide care and services to our in-center, home and hospital dialysis programs. Many of our nursing staff members are nationally certified and several have been working at Mount Baker Kidney Center for 10 years or more. The dedication of our nursing staff to our patients and organization generates consistent delivery of quality, comprehensive care and service throughout your treatment.

Dialysis Training Unit

Mount Baker Kidney Center nursing staff works with at-home patients to educate and prepare them to operate dialysis equipment and perform dialysis independently in their own homes. Dialysis Training Unit nurses schedule work with patients for two to four weeks until patients are ready to perform their own treatments.


Mount Baker Kidney Center has two part-time registered dietitians in the Center five days a week. Our dietitians provide nutritional counseling to address your concerns and help you adjust to the necessary diet modifications required for your optimum health.

Social Work

There are two part-time social workers and a social work assistant in the Center five days a week to help patients with their various needs and/or concerns. Our social workers are here to educate patients and help them better understand kidney disease. We assess and monitor the quality of life of our patients and assist in setting appropriate goals. Our social work department can also support patients with insurance needs and coordinate travel while on dialysis. We offer support to each patient and their loved ones throughout the adjustment to life on dialysis.