Additional Resources

When meeting with our nursing staff at Mount Baker Kidney Center, we will assess your overall health and provide you with essential information to meet your needs and explain in greater detail what is happening in your body. To further educate yourself and learn how to maintain the health of your kidneys, we have compiled helpful and informative online resources.

Kidney Disease Information

Kidney School offers online kidney disease learning programs.
National Kidney Foundation contains an extensive collection of kidney disease information.
Life Options includes education materials and outreach for kidney disease patients.
American Kidney Fund provides information on financial assistance.
American Association of Kidney Patients offers patient education, information and seminars.
The Kidney Trust is a non-profit organization raising awareness for chronic kidney disease.
Renal Support Network offers non-medical services for those affected by chronic kidney disease.

Dialysis Information and Support

Dialysis Patient Citizens works to improve dialysis patients’ quality of life.
Home Dialysis Central contains specific information and articles on peritoneal and home dialysis.
Northwest Renal Network monitors the quality of dialysis and transplant centers.
The Nephron Information Center can help you locate dialysis centers in the U.S.

Resources for Healthy Living

American Heart Association helps you keep your heart healthy.
American Diabetes Association is a beneficial resource for kidney disease patients with diabetes.