Traveling on Dialysis

We know how important it is to continue an active lifestyle while on dialysis, and we encourage you to maintain involvement with your friends and family. This may mean traveling to see the people you enjoy spending time with or fulfilling a retirement dream. Dialysis does not mean you need to stop traveling, but it does mean you need to be more conscious in scheduling the timing of your travel.

At Mount Baker Kidney Center, our social workers can help you arrange dialysis treatments at another facility during your travels. Until we can guarantee that another facility can provide treatment during your travels, it is important that you do not finalize your travel arrangements. Sometimes this process can take time, therefore, we require that you provide us 30 days advance notice of your intended date to travel, sign a release of information and provide us with necessary travel details. For your safety, we ask that you stay in contact with us as your travel arrangements progress. We often utilize the resource DialysisFinder to locate the closest facility to where you will be visiting. We will communicate your health and treatment records and coordinate treatment(s) that accommodate both the facility and your intended travel schedule. Please note that treatment times at another facility are likely to be different than the schedule you are accustomed to.